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Coventry & Warwickshire

Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce


Impressed by the work we had done for Birmingham Chamber Group, Coventry and Warwickshire initially approached us for marketing collateral to promote new, additional services. We have subsequently been asked to run a campaign to raise awareness and promote the ‘thinking of starting a business’ workshops, designed to help people in the Coventry area set up their own business. The campaign has a number of logos, all of which needed to be included on the designs. So, we needed to come up with another way of developing a brand without a conflicting logo.


Professional marketing collateral was design to ensure consistency across all services and reinforce the existing Chamber brand. For the ‘thinking of starting a business’ campaign we created an illustrated character ‘SAB’ to be the face of the campaign. This way the character became the brand and the associated logos supported the visuals. We then created a lady SAB and applied these to bus adverts, media adverts, pitch side ads, a website, Facebook page, promotional postcard and business cards.


A strong and memorable brand that clearly communicates the key sales messages to the target audience across the region.

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