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Content Marketing; it’s all about the audience

In marketing days gone by it was not unusual to be greeted by content that read like a keyword catalogue. For the web owner, each keyword stood as another step on the ladder to the position of shining star, at the top of the google rankings tree. For the reader, however, each keyword was another item to struggle over in an attempt to find relevant and useful content.

Luckily, for the reader, today’s world of content marketing rates engagement as a far shinier SEO tool than keyword crammed copy. What this does mean, for the content creator, is that a bit more thought, time and energy is required to move up that rankings tree. The flip side of this, however, is the increased visitor conversion rate generated by your high quality content.

So, what do we mean by quality content? How do you ensure engagement and all those lovely conversions?

Here are 5 Top tips to help you on your way:

    It’s not about you! It’s about them!What is it that your reader really wants to hear? What keeps them awake at night? What can you offer that will help them? Make them more successful? Give them more time? Give them more money?Write content that your reader will relate to, find useful, interesting and valuable and this is when you get real engagement. This is when visitors spend time on your site, start looking around and engage in deeper conversations that lead to new customers.
    If you know what they want to hear, stick to it!Don’t make the mistake of writing content that is too general. Whilst general content might still land you plenty of visitors, these will probably be readers you are less likely to convert. Stick with what you know about your ideal customer and focus on nurturing a smaller, more targeted following.
    Let’s face it, with social media an ever growing presence we are all used to interacting and having our say, we like it and it’s great for businesses too. When you are able to interact directly with your customers you get to hear what they think, find out what they want more of and learn what they want less. Feedback is your chance to improve in-line with customer comments.Make sure you ask for feedback, act on it and respond to your readers, so that they know you care.
    The more content you post, the more comments you will generate. As people get to know you, begin to like you and then trust you their interaction grows and you need to make sure you are listening!When you actively listen to what readers are saying it takes away a lot of the head scratching. Reader comments, together with post popularity will tell you what’s working in the engagement stakes, so that you can simply do more of it.Listen to readers and they will tell you what they want to read.
  5. PLAN
    And last but certainly not least, you must have a plan!Objective: Know why you are doing it and what you want to achieve.
    Audience: Know your ideal customer: what do they need/want/how can you help?
    Message: Be clear on your key messages/benefits to your target.
    Communication: Plan what you will write, when and how often you will post.
    Results: Measure your web analytics, learn what works, what doesn’t and act on it.

Follow these simple but powerful steps and see quality content and high levels of engagement move you up the rankings, without the constant keyword hurdles.

I hope you’ve been suitably engaged, that this content has been useful reading and that you have not detected any keyword overload!

If you’ve got your own tips to add, or would like more content advice please get in touch.

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