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Business Improvement

Improve productivity and increase profitability with award winning business improvement programmes

For more than 20 years, the UK manufacturing sector has been focused on a continual drive for cost reduction. This has resulted in significant improvements in cost and efficiency allowing some UK manufacturers to become more competitive. However, as recent media reports have confirmed, there is still significant room for improvement to help us become more successful in winning business on the global stage.

At PP Business Improvement Ltd, we believe the sector can sometimes be guilty of too much internal reflection and not enough focus on driving increased revenue. After all, you can make the greatest product at the lowest cost but if you don’t manage to sell any, you don’t have a business.

We feel that if manufacturers invest a similar amount of effort in striving for revenue growth as they do in cost down initiatives, they will dramatically increase their chances of success.

Transform your organisation

PPBI has been developed to deliver bespoke training programmes, consultancy and outsourced services to SMEs (typically 50+ employees) within the UK manufacturing sector. Our consultancy and bespoke training programmes are delivered by award winning, experienced practitioners who have won both BFA and Manufacturing Excellence awards.

We are great believers in ‘learn by doing’ and, as such, our training programmes place a strong emphasis on practical learning.

Interested in Business Improvement?

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