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Lean Manufacturing

Alison Phillips is one of the region’s leading experts in lean manufacturing and process improvement, boasting more than 35 years experience across aerospace, automotive components and furniture manufacture.

She spent nearly a decade working as ‘Kaizen’ manager for a leading Japanese auto specialist, where she gained valuable experience in lean and one piece process flow.

This proved invaluable when she moved to the Manufacturing Advisory Service and was delivering these techniques to more than 200 SMEs over an eight-year period.

Recently, Alison has been responsible for the layout of several factories for companies moving to larger units, extending their premises or looking to create much-needed space in existing factories.

One of the features of her success in industry has been strong interpersonal skills and being a persuasive communicator, ensuring shop floor personnel are engaged in the improvement process.

Strengths: Production management, purchasing, logistics, lean manufacturing and quality

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