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Bollin Green Telemarketing

Bollin Green is no ordinary telemarketing agency, we’re business-to-business strategists and sales people, with over 35 years experience. We’re both a pre-sales qualifier and lead generation engine. We’re dynamic, innovative, and sales-savvy. We combine intelligence with data to help you understand what your customers are thinking and hear what they’re saying, so you can refine your marketing strategy and win new business. No robotic scripts, just straight-talking, real life conversations; we find the people that matter.

At Bollin Green we’re used to talking to the business leaders and key decision makers you want to reach. Specialists in our field, we’ll nurture these relationships, moving them quickly to hot prospects – leaving you to focus on real business opportunities. We don’t just freshen up your database; we’ll become part of your team. Getting to the heart of what you’re trying to achieve to help you get more from your marketing strategy and deliver results. At Bollin Green, we work with businesses across the world in a diverse range of industries. Armed with this global insight, we won’t just feed you with good quality sales prospects we’ll give you fresh ideas to help you see your business differently. Our campaigns are well-planned, personalised and powerful.

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A member of British Chambers, Coventry and Warwickshire is a business support membership organisation.
- Coventry & Warwickshire

What our customers say

What a friendly marketing agency. S2F are a dream to deal with.
- Coventry & Warwickshire

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